Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jewelry After Dark: Who Wants a Free After Dark Jewelry Portrait Necklace?

After Dark Jewelry is back in the United States! After a quiet summer of remodeling our 1850's abode, my studio has been knocked into shape and jewelry is flying out the doors once again!  Oh, it has been too long, my dear friends; it was brilliant to travel the globe in search of unique adventures, but the beating of my heart kept calling me back to the studio.  It is time to be still; to focus; to create.

Castle in Meersburg, My Previous Village in Germany

In celebration of my return, I am thrilled to announce my largest giveaway to date:  A custom After Dark Jewelry Clay Portrait Necklace in which YOU lend a hand in the creation!

Thursday, November 1st marks the beginning of this week long contest.  The event will run for 1 week, ending at 11:59pm CST, November 8th, and the winner will be chosen via
a randomized generator system.  We will work together to incorporate your favorite image (public domain or personal photograph / artwork) and choose from a selection of frames, as well as colors which compliment your chosen artwork.

Eternity Necklace

Eternity Necklace (back)

Red Riding Hood Necklace

Do you have a favorite painting you've always wanted to keep close to your heat?  Do you have an idea for a personal totem or relic and have not yet had the opportunity to make it a reality?  This is your opportunity to assist in the creation of the a necklace of your dreams, unique and personalized exclusively for you!

Midsummer Eve Necklace

This is the most extravagant contest I've had the pleasure of conducting in the history of After Dark Jewelry, valuing in excess of $130.00.  Because of the unique circumstance which has inspired my desire to hold this contest, this will likely be the only time an opportunity this large is offered, so please begin sharing, tweeting and posting to your friends to help spread the news! I would like as many people as possible to have the opportunity to own their own unique After Dark Jewelry creation. This is so exciting; the holiday season is upon us, and what a cherished holiday gift this would make for a loved one!

Circe Invidiosa Necklace

Circe Invidiosa Necklace (back)

da Vinci Bottle


Step 1:  Please comment on this blog post with your answer to the following question:  What would you like to see more of this coming year in the After Dark Jewelry boutique?  Here are a few examples to get your creative inspiration flowing:

Time in a Bottle Necklace

- Victorian Inspired Jewelry
- Icons of History (ex. Anne Boleyn; Marie Antoinette)
- Art Nouveau
- Medieval Relics
- Rennaisance
- Dark Art
 - Iconography

Vanity Necklace

Your answers are free to be as long or as short as you desire.  Some are more comfortable describing their thoughts in detail -- go for it!  Others have a short, direct style of communication.  All replies have equal weight in this contest.  I truly appreciate all of your input; all replies will help make After Dark Jewelry an even better shopping experience for you!

Iconography Necklace

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Destiny Necklace

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Destiny Necklace (back)

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Illuminated Manuscript Necklace

Warmest Wishes,


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