Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Europe After Dark: A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

What can I say to make you happy?

I haven't had words I've felt worth saying in a while.

A long-term illness has kept me quiet and in a haze of ineptitude for more than a year. My better half, scientist and problem-solver that he is, whisked me out of the country for the 'European Cure'. Oh, my -- this was THE gift of a lifetime. We are currently settled in Germany in a wee village on the outskirts of the gorgeous Medieval city of Wuerzburg. Before I continue, please allow me to share my new home with you:

The Majestic City of Wuerzburg

A statue on the Old Main Bridge and a bit of local humor

A sleepy hidden chapel nestled inside the Dom Cathedral

Exquisite artwork by the owner of the home we currently rent.
A painter in his spare time, his stunning book of illuminated
manuscripts took 5 years to complete.

The Town Hall

Out and about on a 'Family Walk' -- Inari runs through these fields
on her daily visit to her friends -- the sheep, horses, and chickens
which live nearby.

The city's castle -- Fortress Marienberg

Elegant weathered niches displaying statues of a religious nature
are to be found in every nook and cranny of the city. The above
example is on display just down the street from our cozy little home.

A glimpse of village architecture

The Dom Cathedral Cloisters -- long stretches devoted to the
dearly departed. Ancient tombs line the walls and floor of this
sacred space.

Inari in her element -- basking in the glow of the sun's rays like
the kitty she is at heart.

A castle moat, long since filled in by earth

My favorite work of art in all of Wuerzburg --
Trauernde Maria aus Acholshausen
by Tilman Riemenschneider in 1505.
A photo of Maria resides by my desk for inspiration.

A dragonfly visitor knocks on our door
(Not to worry -- Dr. B is an experienced entomologist and adept at
handling these lovelycreatures in a gentle and considerate manner)

Walking Home

Our new surroundings have influenced my health and happiness in astounding ways. I have found my precious creativity once again (it was hiding under a castle stone in the Mosel Valley) and am more healthy and happy than ever before! My time in Europe has been the most inspiring journey of my life, and the adventures are just beginning. Even now, as we run our fingers over ancient stone in rapture, we are forging ahead. We are wrapping hands around the neck of fate and mapping the next nomadic exploit. Shall it be a year in India? South America? Africa?

If you could grasp the Earth by a string, which world would you choose?

In the meantime, I shall sit down at my studio desk and create -- for you and for me.

Warmest Wishes to All,




  1. Super beautiful post..brilliant, stunning and inspiring! Congrats on all your new adventures and to your new-found health!
    Blessings! Shine on!!

  2. Thank you so much, Victoria. Cheers to you, Dear One!

  3. So happy to see new creations coming from you. I still receive MANY compliments from your pieces. I found you on MySpace probably two years ago and I've tried to keep abreast of your activities ever since. Your new home is wonderful and I wish you the very, VERY best.
    Yours ~ Emmy

  4. I really love your necklaces, you are an artist!

  5. Hi Dosha...thank you for your lovely visits and messages..much appreciated! Loved revisiting this fabulous post..magnificent!
    Have a sparkling wkd!

  6. Oooh... that's a terrific word. NUVOUS. Haven't heard THAT in a long while. I'll tella youse summore schtuff which you prooo'bly haven't heard in a while... if ever...

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    If 'freedom lies in being bold' (Robert Frost), doesn't pushing-the-envelope also result in the Elysian Fields of Utopia? If I'm the sower, we plant the Seed; if I'm an artist, we RITE the symphonies heard Upstairs ☆IF☆ we accept His lead withe orchestra...

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